About Us

About Us

NewSquare Capital provides investment guidance to clients based on their specific financial objectives. In addressing client objectives, we consider risk tolerance, time horizon, income needs, liquidity needs, tax sensitivity, and other pertinent factors. Investment strategies include taxable and tax-exempt fixed income strategies, and diversified portfolio strategies for conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors. All investment strategies seek to provide an appropriate balance between risk and reward. All strategies strive to deliver sophisticated investment solutions focused on meeting each client’s needs.

Our Services

NewSquare Capital manages a range of strategies that include portfolios tailored for income, risk-managed growth, and wealth preservation. With more than 15 portfolio strategies in the NewSquare family, you will find an investment solution aligned with your specific objectives. Most of the portfolios are built with Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to deliver distinct advantages over both traditional stocks-and-bonds investing and static index investing. These advantages can add significant value to investors’ results.

Income Strategies

Income Strategies offered by NewSquare Capital include diversified portfolios of taxable and tax-exempt bonds, available either as direct investments in individual bonds or in multi-asset ETF portfolios.

Growth Strategies

NewSquare Capital offers multi-asset growth strategies. These are complete investment solutions delivering global diversification, disciplined asset allocation, and the efficiency and flexibility of ETFs.

Focused Strategies

When investment objectives call for a particular focus, the NewSquare Capital Focused Strategies offer targeted approaches that pursue those types of specific portfolio objectives.

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